Why Not Donate a Car to Charity?

Everyone wins when recyclers and charities team up In years past, the market for ‘scrap’ cars or End of Life Vehicles was solely monopolized by the auto recycling industry. For years, if a vehicle owner wanted to dispose of their vehicle, they would turn to the trusty local ‘yard’ as a means of getting the unwanted vehicle off their driveway and out of sight. Today, the vehicle disposal landscape has certainly changed, and the public has become a more educated and socially aware population, wanting to not only ensure clean, environmental steps and measures are taken with their disposed vehicle, but they also want the opportunity to assist local and national charities in one motion, one act.

In recent years, charitable organizations and auto recyclers have caught onto this want, and have been able to provide a solution that works for the customer, the recycler AND the charity itself. How this is even possible may seem like a feat in itself, but the programs available today offer unique and simple answers to the wants and needs of all three parties involved.  In Toronto, Ontario many thanks go to Standard Auto Wreckers for starting their very successful charity car program with www.CharityCar.ca.

The premise behind these programs is actually very simple. Charities will team up with local and reputable auto recyclers in order to facilitate car donations. Does this mean that the vehicle is physically donated to the charity? No. In most cases, the customer is offered the choice to donate the money that would have been received for the vehicle to the charity of their choice, while the auto recycling partner will take care of the pick up (tow) and the environmentally safe disposal of the vehicle. In turn, the customer will receive a tax receipt from the chosen charity for the amount that was given (to the charity) for the vehicle.

In programs such as these, each party involved has a list of responsibilities that must be addressed and taken care of each time a vehicle donation is processed. Many progressive auto recyclers and charities work towards ensuring that these responsibilities are fulfilled and that the process takes place with the greatest of ease, especially from a customer’s standpoint.

The auto recycler is responsible for arranging the pick up of the vehicle, and the appropriate disposal. Once this has been achieved, the auto recycler will send the monetary value of the vehicle to the charity selected by the customer.

The charity is responsible for sending a tax receipt, once receiving the monetary donation from the recycler (on behalf of the customer), to the customer for the amount donated.

The customer is simply responsible for making the initial call to dispose of their vehicle, and selecting their charity of choice.

What are the benefits to the parties involved? For the customer, it’s being able to dispose of an unwanted or non-working vehicle with ease, while at the same time donating the proceeds that would have been paid out to them (as the vehicle owner) to a charity of their choice, which in turn will be used to assist in local or national campaigns or programs offered by the charity. The customer has also ensured that the vehicle that they have decided to dispose of will be handled in the most appropriate manner, one which is environmentally safe, first and foremost.

The charity will receive monetary contributions from the auto recycler (on behalf of the vehicle donators) that may have otherwise not been given. This is a way to increase funds raised for the charity.

The auto recycler will be able to assist different charitable organizations as well as having a better opportunity to pick up and dispose of vehicles in a manner which is environmentally safe. This opportunity also allows for the reclamation of more recycled parts to become available.

Working hand in hand with various charities has allowed the auto recycling industry to ensure that environmentally friendly vehicle disposal takes place each and every time a vehicle is donated. This in itself is highly positive, as the world’s focus appears to have shifted to the ever increasing fear of the effects of global warming. Every little step we can take to assist in maintaining our environment will go a long way in the future. There are many reputable auto recyclers involved in these programs, and many charities have joined forces to ensure that vehicle donations equal charitable donations, which in turn will equal all parties working towards a cleaner and greener environment.

By utilizing services offered by progressive auto recyclers, charitable organizations across the country are providing the socially aware and conscious masses with options never thought of before. Charities and auto recyclers are offering the opportunity for the public to two good deeds in one simple step. Donate your car to the charity of your choice, and help build a socially stronger society.

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