Top 10 Places to Find Automotive Advice Online

One of the top online websites for automotive advice is This site has been around since 1999 and appears to have very good customer relations. A 28-year-old visitor from Canada writes, “I haven't read much from your site, but I did learn a lot from the articles I read. They were very informative and written so the common non-mechanic layman can understand them. I personally am no professional mechanic, but I do know a few things about cars (only meaning that I am not a complete idiot...). It is nice to read and use the humble amount of background knowledge I do have and still be able to understand what the heck you are talking about - it's nice that the articles are not to techie”. provides you with tips on car parts, purchasing cars, trucks and so much more.

Another one of the more popular sites is, this site has a number of well know supporters such as CNN, AOL Auto, Ford Parts, Auto Repairs for dummies and Readers Digest. also appears to be a good website for auto advice. On this site there is a chance to chat with a mechanic that specializes with your car company’s cars. also seems to be a great web page to visit for purchasing, owning and driving tips. On this site you can also listen to some clips from their radio shows. is a great site for automotive advise due to their question box to ask a question to a certified mechanic. This page also includes a great deal of info on the most important things to maintain on your cars and touches on some common myths about cars like does the tire pressure affect mileage. is a site set up by a master technician that wants to help as many people as he can with their cars. This site also gives u great detail on a number of automotive areas such as hybrid, car stereos, car alarms and so much more. If you are looking to buy a car in the near future boy is this the right site for you. has advice on checking the vehicle history and even on researching the car. This site also has a link to help you learn about auto insurance. is another good site for auto advice as it has detailed aspects of the auto industry from insurance to repair and maintenance.

Drivers side ( is also a great website to use whether it be for buying, selling, or even just maintaining your car. The site will even help you diagnose what is wrong with your car.

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