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UK Car Donation Program

Surprisingly, car donation in the UK is not nearly as big as it is in the USA.  Launched late last year, is the only vehicle donation program currently operating in the UK. A potential reason for this is that car owners in the UK are not offered tax breaks when they donate their vehicles.  As a result, the Giveacar model operates in a different way to those in North America. They focus on the collection and disposal of scrap cars, rather than those which can be resold for use on the roads.

The Director of the program, Tom Chance, stated that this novel approach is reaping great rewards for UK charities.  He wants to emulate the success of the USA programs like, but do it in his own way.  The UK regulations for scrap cars are particularly stringent, and Chance takes pride from the fact that he is not only benefiting charities, but also the environment.  Because Giveacar was launched only a few months ago, it is not yet clear just how popular charitable car donation will become in the UK.  Chance however, believes he is on to a winner, and feels that he may have imported something of great significance. For more information or to make a car donation in the UK, visit

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