Religon Based Charity

Following a religion helps bring folks together for common causes and what better way to show and support your faith then donating to those less fortunate. And some wise words by Soren Keirkegaard: "Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays."


Servant Christian Community Foundation

SCCF helps people give creatively and efficiently. We provide tools, resources and expertise that enable givers to give more generously and to use the most tax-efficient methods for giving. Our ... Read more

Derek Johnson Minitries

Derek Johnson spreading the gospel of Christ through Africa.   ... Read more

Scripture Union Canada

Scripture Union Canada invites children and their families to meet Jesus through creative, dynamic programs and encourages all people to follow Him through innovative Bible engagement resources. ... Read more

Loyola Spirituality Center

Our mission is to help people notice, name and respond to the experience of God in their lives. We welcome all regardless of faith tradition, age, race, sexual and gender orientation or economic ... Read more Vehicle Donation