Charity Car Programs

There are many ways to help out local charities through cash donations but another way that is very popular is donating your car or the sales/salvage proceeds to a non-profit or charity you support. Whether the car is fixed up and given to low income families in need or the parts are recycled you are still making a big difference for the greater good!


Giveacar - Scrap Cars For Charity - Car Donation Service UK

Donate your car to charity. Giveacar will pick up any car, whether roadworthy or not, and either sell or scrap it, donating all the proceeds from the car’s sale/disposal to charity. Giveacar ... Read more

Donate a Car to Charity in Ottawa

Standard Auto Wreckers is a licensed auto recycler that has been in business for over 32 years.  We have locations in Ottawa, Toronto and Niagara Fall, NY. We cater to all your auto salvage ... Read more Vehicle Donation