Central USA Salvage

Find a green auto salvage yard in Central USA and donate your old car when it has reached the end of its useful life.


We Buy Scrap Cars in Arizona

All Arizona Ford Parts is your Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, & Mazda parts specialist. That does not mean that we don’t have parts for your Chevy, Dodge, or other makes & models. Our true ... Read more

Used Auto Parts St. Louis

Over the past 20 years there has been many changes to the operation. We have expanded, added on several times and bought adjoining properties 3 times to expand. Since 2001 we have had a store front ... Read more

Used Auto Parts Michigan

August Pohl Auto Parts is one of the nation’s leading auto recyclers. August Pohl Auto Parts has been in business since 1921. We specialize in late model, domestic and foreign, hard to find ... Read more
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